Hey y´all,

Looking forward to an interesting week? I thought it´s worth to think about some dilemmas – a nice warm up for your creative brain:

1. Clayton Christensen published 1997 a book called “The Innovator´s Dilemma” and sparked a controversial discussion - still relevant today. His thesis: When it comes to innovation companies do have only two options – but both may fail. Either they can put too much emphasis on customer´s current needs and fail to adopt new technologies. Or they go far beyond with new business models and create future needs. But here they might be too early and fail as well. Think about it and download his book: Innovators Dilemma

2. If you are an artist, you do have a studio. And if you are a famous artist you must have an incredible famous studio. Right? And how do you envision a creative space like this? Messy, chaotic, lots of material, colourful … ? Or with lot´s of white spaces, free areas to think and clean desks? Well, have a look into 100 studios and get some inspiration for your own workspace.

3. Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? I think I am more on the extrovert side. And I made an interesting observation on introverts – something that worries me. So I ask all Introverts to come back to real life

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