Hey everyone,

This week you may want to influence someone. Therefore you should find influencers who have an influence. Here are some:

1. Fashion bloggers do have massive influence, don´t you think? Well, looks like that that there is a new breed of people who overtrump already established fashion blogs: The so called “Social Models” are a new generation of fashion influencers. They don´t call themselves “bloggers”, they don´t write blogs, they are on Instagram and SnapChat. But even more they sit in the front row of fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York or are to be seen on the catwalk. And they are active involved in the design studios of leading fashion labels. It´s hard work to identify them as they change so often. Here are some listed by Seventeen.com and Fashionista.

2. Having an influence means having ideas. So you may look for an influencer who helps you with ideas? Ramon Vullings and Mark Heleven may help you. They´ve written a lovely inspiring book about ideation and innovation. "Not invented here" is the title and cross-industry innovation is their recipe. The book is worth to buy – especially as Ketchum is one of the best-practice-example.

3. Movements have an influence? I do hope the “Slow Reading Movement” has an influence on your next weekend. Why? Read more about Slow Reading.

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