January 22, 2016


Have you ever asked yourself where ideas come from? Why, where and when we are creative? Robert Gerlach, creativity coach, has asked this question: on the street in New York and San Francisco. And he got some surprising answers.

Too many distractions

But first start contrawise: when is it difficult to be creative and what hinders us to have good ideas? The numbers in Gerlach´s study are pretty clear. Most annoying for creatives are distractions. 47% said that they are not able to think out of the box, when phones are ringing, emails popping up and so on. Learing: shut down distractions!

Second reason for not being creative - far behind "distractions" are time limits and stress. "No time" was the answer for 28% of responeds as well as "being too focused" (26,9%). Learning: take your time to look left and right, beyond and above the challenge you are brainstoming on. Finally 18% are missing a creative atmosphere. Here are the numbers:

Why don´t you have your best ideas at work?
1. Too many distractions 47.1
2. No time 28.2
3. Too focused 26.9
4. Stress 24.3
5. No creative atmosphere 18.6
6. Other* 11.7

Its you, colleague!

So far the bad news. Good news are that it´s so easy to come up with ideas, if ... yes if you are surrounded by the right bunch of people, your colleagues. When asked which ressources are helpful to get new ideas, 47% answerd that they are inspired by their co-workers, followed by a creative atmosphere (29%).

Why do you have your best ideas at work?
1. Inspiring co-workers 47.7
2. Creative atmosphere 29.1
3. Creativity is required 27.9
4. Time to ponder 20.9
5. Other* 18.6
6. Not an office worker 1.2

So now it´s up to you. Look around and find the best co-worker in your office for a brainstorming. And surprising news: this is not the "most creative person" in the room. It´s the colleague you trust most. This buddy you feel comportable with when expressing a "stupid", crazy idea. The friend you can spin around an rough thought and you are not affraid to talk to even you are not sure whether it´s right or wrong. So go, find him or her! 
And have a look into Robert Gerlachs findings. Or listen to him on this MorningShow.