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#100K: Peter Jordan

  Managers who quickly and competently stepping in during a crisis are supposedly dominant and extroverted. Peter is exactly the opposite - and that's what I appreciate about him, and his clients too. Peter Jordan was one of the first colleagues I met at Ketchum in the Corporate Communications department. In the meantime, he has successfully completed several interim management jobs and is now focusing on crisis communications. With a calmness and sovereignty that I absolutely admire. And it was exactly with this dignity that I met him for this #100K interview: Hi Peter, over the past few years, you've stepped in at large companies as an interim manager. You helped lead and manage their communications department. During the pandemic that wasn´t easy at all, right? As an interim manager, you have to get to know your new team as quickly as possible in order to get going as soon as possible. Your job was certainly a tough one during that time. Thank goodness the lockdowns are beh

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